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Legend of Korra headcanon time!

The Avatar family tree is sure getting tangled!

Iroh II looks waaaaay too much like Aang to not have any relation. I know this headcanon’s been floating around for awhile, so I thought I’d just make a little family tree to help illustrate it. I also mapped Aang, Bumi II, and Iroh II’s faces with common characteristics to bolster the fandom’s headcanon/prediction.

General Iroh II looks to be about in his thirties/forties and we know Zuko is now about 86. So unless he and Mai were having kids in their late forties and early fifties (which is pretty unlikely, just biologically), I’m guessing Iroh II is Zuko’s grandson, not his son. 

Also, Bumi’s collar thing that looks like a Fire Nation collar… Even more headcanon/prediction firepower? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!