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Just call me Lia UvU
I'm a University student in Canada who loves to draw and cry over fictional characters
theme by mura

"I’ll put aoba in a kimono" I said,

"it shouldn’t be hard to draw" I said,

well I actually needed to design it before I drew it with a bunch of folds and movement in it 

I feel like I have a tendency to overthink designs heh…

this is the longest ive have ever worked on the touch up sketch like wow… but I think it looks a lot better now especially koujakus arms and hands 

I also fixed ren’s face and put in the weird poll structure/furniture behind them

only problem is idk If I should give aoba a pony tail or not OTL 

after almost a year of the same Icon (april 29th 2013 dang), I am finally changing it because I’m a dork and I love dmmd and I love my sketch of koujaku 


reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen (minus spiked collar)

i finished the sketch im so happy hellyeahhellyEAH 

aoba looks like a jedi but w/e KOUAO FASHION STYLE SWItCH



i should be studying but instead I’m drawing a kouao fashion swap I’m trash 

I tried to put him in a puffy jacket but it was so gross I couldnt I think koujaku has a better fashion sense then that so yeah i just tried to make something similar to aoba’s jacket in terms of components and we’ll just call it another piece of the Brain Nuts line

also yes 3 finger gloves  

I drew my two babies >w<

Concept art for the computer game me and my friend are making 

i attempted to do that loose water colour/charcoal looking concept art - the style reminds me of the psychonauts concept art only theirs is much neater UvU”’

Backgrounds for a game me and xeon are creating for our final game dev. project. 

The level is based on “the monster under the bed” so I tried t make it like a mix of being under a bed and the ending up in a spoopy forest 

yet another mix of binary tool and brushes 

playing around with an old design and took a shot at design cause its been awhile 

bottom one is transparent 

instead of drawing what i was supposed to be drawing, I started redrawing mass effect OC 

casually makes a new fantroll because reasons 

Name is Kademn Fennek 

Kademn -> from bulgarian Kadem meaning “good luck”

Fennek-> from fenek which is Maltese for rabbit

despite the name he has shit luck cause he’s a psiionic born within singless’s time so soon he’ll probably be sent to some slave system soon 

its so much fun drawing ancestor time clothes, much more imaginative then the present time trolls 

so this is what i did for like 7 hours

Look at these fucking nerds 

my oc’s 

Talon(real name is Thomas but thats not punk), Blake, and Asa 

they are best bros