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Just call me Lia UvU
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I'm a University student in Canada who loves to draw and cry over fictional characters
I love to chat so feel free to drop me a message or two~ UvU
theme by mura

for today’s dmmd_69min UvU 

the theme was Kemonomimi and I’ve been wanting to draw beastjaku with ears and tail forever cause his hair is like a puffy mane and screams “add animal ears to me” aha

If you don’t think Mizuki’s pet ferret/ermine is the most important thing to come out of the dmmd anime get out 

So I was drawing Clear for todays dmmd_69min and got carried away…. 

I had finished the lineart by the 69 min mark but then I wanted to colour it

high res

finished the flats on Sei! 

lets see if i can actually shade it without giving up halfway through hah

high rez because tumblr hates large canvases 

[Sei voice] ”I have special eyes”

needed to make a high quality bust example for when i update my commissions post and I had the urge to draw Sei since I saw their pretty little sprite 

managed to finish the line art before my neck started hurting (I have terrible drawing posture lmao) 

anyway yeah this is a WIP, will probably colour it tomorrow. 

I might stream it if enough people are on or if people care to watch UvU

last year a pal asked me to draw molly from a webcomic called monsterkind

I haven’t really looked at the comic in a long time but from the part i read it’s pretty flipping cute and so is Molly so I was like yeah sure ill draw it

I realized i never posted it though so here is a super old drawing 

Chibi giveaway second place prize for travelin-bird

She asked for her fankid, Keli Medici

Hope you like it!

Chibi giveaway third place prize for metaphoricallytheworst 

She asked for Mandy Milkovich from the tv series Shameless (US version)

Hope you like it!

just some concept sketches of one of my OCs, Thomas Talon 

hes part of my fictitious world where everyone has part animal DNA. In Talons’ case, he’s part raven.

I wanted to incorporate the bird thing without just slapping wings on him, so instead he’s just very feathery and has bird like feet. one of his toes moved back to his heel, the skin is very rough and tough, and he has talons. 

His hair is pretty much just feathers instead of hair (even on his eyebrows, they are just the kind you would find on the body rather than the wings, so they are smaller, softer, and thicker) So he plucks his hair instead of cutting it.

tried my hand at drawings a realistic(ish) beni yesterday. I drew him too far on the side of the scratchpad so i couldn’t fit in his feet or tail. 

the black and white is the original sketch and then I coloured it on photoshop

did someone say extremely cheesy kouao comics???


well shit

nightram said:

Space waifu Dr T'soni and palette number 7

i totally just skimmed over the text and read “space waifu” and though Tali because of zan so I ended up drawing tali and once i was finished I read the T’Soni part ops ahah well im to tired to draw Liara now so here is Tali in the mean time

miss-ari said:

aerith gainsborough + 18? > v <

aoblossom said:

{ dead aoba, palette number 6 ? ehe im trash }

Sly: “worth”