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I'm a University student in Canada who loves to draw and cry over fictional characters
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Sometimes I really have to wonder if some members of this fandom have ever actually seen a clown. That is not how grease paint works, people.


(via metaphoricallytheworst)

here is a legit WIP of my current crappy art C:

Attie The Owl

my fourth character in my super secret project that isn’t really that secret anymore. 

So she is an owl who is afraid of the dark, it’s kinda silly but I think its cute and give a reason to why she is awake and active during the day C:

Attie (c) wildstar25

Would it be ridiculous to call my owl character Robin the Owl?

this is what she would look like 

Chu the Raccoon. 

He was originally from a ‘manga’ I tried to draw in grade 8. He basically just ate all the main character food and crops(main character was a farmer) and stuff but no one (but the main) would be angry at him because he was too cute and stuff.

http://wildstar25.deviantart.com/art/tales-of-Shadow-Page-4-112147289?q=gallery%3Awildstar25%2F8727304&qo=252 (!warning! TERRIBLE ART FROM 3 YEARS AGO)

but yeah, I’m going to use him now in my animation and stuff 

Toby the Dog 

from my animation and cartoons and stuff 


toby (c) me :D

felt like doing a character sheet for Wild today after I finished studying for my math test tomorrow. 

I’ll colour it eventually… 

I’ll be making more character sheets for the character that will be in my storyboard

that big head really looks Disney… that’s cool I guess


Morrigan and Isabela from Dragon Age at Fan Expo 2011. by andreas_schneider on Flickr.

Oh Morrigan. Oh Dragon Age.

We wore our costumes for half of Saturday and it was a blasssssst! We had such a good response to our costumes and I didn’t expect that many people to recognize us! <3<3<3 

I am a dope and forgot my camera, so we didn’t take an official photoshoot. I’m relying on flickr/facebook and I already have some great photos from amazing photographers. <3<3<3 

I somehow lost my glove, so I had to randomly make one. All I could find was a white leather glove (thanks to my Dad), so I attacked it with shoe polish. It worked. mwuahhahah

Anyway, Morrigan was so much fun to wear. omg. I was losing belts as I walked, but I don’t care. It still looked awesome and I’m so happy that Isabela worked. <33333333 MUST WEAR AGAIN.

Also, this photo was taken by the awesome Andreas Schneider. Thanks so much omg<3